Dessa Media Kit

AI Transformations

Dessa’s AI services empower enterprises to build and own artificial intelligence IP and uncover the technology’s true impact. We provide software, infrastructural engineering services and support designing, building and deploying advanced AI use cases at scale.

How we do it

We collaborate with enterprises across industries to help accelerate their long-term AI transformation programs, providing advisory and execution on visioning, strategy, education, process design, and technology. Our AI Transformations empower enterprises to harness real value from the technology, while simultaneously helping them become builders and owners of their own IP.

Collaborate on strategy and execution for transformation programs:

  • Vision, strategy and implementation design
  • Use case discovery and prioritization
  • Standards for AI ethics, security and compliance



Provide the tools required to build and deploy advanced and complex AI systems at scale:

  • Development software and reference designs
  • Production management toolkit and monitoring platform
  • AI training for executives and practitioners


Blueprint and build scalable infrastructure on premise or on the cloud:

  • AI training for executives and practitioners
  • Hyperscale, distributed GPU computing
  • ML DevOps best practices