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Keep your ML models in line with

Put your team back in control of ML models in production with Orbit, powerful tools for model performance management and post-deployment operations.

What can Orbit do for
you and your team?

Mission critical parts of your business rely on the ML models you have built.
As little as 1% degradation in model performance can mean millions of
dollars in revenue lost.

After they’re in production, machine learning models often aren’t monitored closely.

Machine learning requires continuous improvement and monitoring to ensure models do more good than harm.

Rapidly changing business mean your models need to play catch-up.

Businesses change rapidly, but new products and services or changes in business mean that your models are prone to suffer from concept drift.

This means that you need solutions that will help you not only monitor your models
but also give you the ability to quickly iterate, recalibrate, retrain and swap models in production.

Orbit takes care of these for you.

Orbit Features

Data Validation and Monitoring

Monitor production data, detect anomalies that will adversely affect your models and alert the right parties

Model performance monitoring

Understand how models impact your business and keep informed of changing model behaviours

Automated Retraining & Recalibration

Set schedules for automated model retraining and recalibration

Automated Testing

Find the best model with automated tools for A/B, canary, and out-of-time testing

Rapid deploy

Easily deploy models as microservices with 1 click

Enterprise-grade audit trail

Get a holistic view of all AI initiatives in your organization and maintain an audit of changes

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