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Transforming enterprises
with artificial intelligence

Dessa collaborates with the world’s largest and most complex organizations to build real-world value with AI. Since 2016, our team has translated the latest AI research into impactful applications for industries ranging from finance to telecommunications. Committed to engineering excellence, we have a diverse team of world-class experts in applied machine learning and software development.



Solve real business problems with AI

Dessa’s AI Products help enterprises target specific business challenges with AI in a matter of weeks, not years. Based on our experience deploying AI solutions for enterprises, our suite of AI Products empower business users with tools that make it easy to manage, maintain and measure the technology’s impact after its been put into production.

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Become builders and owners of advanced AI

The tools and technologies that exist for engineering AI today haven’t been built to handle enterprise complexity. As a result, enterprises are struggling to unlock the technology’s true potential for their organizations. We built our proprietary AI platform Foundations to solve this, empowering machine learning engineers with tools that make it easy to develop and deploy powerful AI solutions at scale.

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Put AI to work for your organization

Capture the full value of AI for your organization with Dessa’s comprehensive AI Services. We meet enterprises at any stage in their AI journeys, and help teams customize the technology to meet distinct business and infrastructural requirements. While we collaborate with enterprises across industries, we have established notable expertise in banking, asset management, insurance and telecommunications.

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