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What we’re building: Foundations

Shaped by Dessa’s hands-on work building AI for enterprises, Foundations is an AI platform that enables the production of cutting-edge AI solutions at scale.

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Scale AI for your enterprise with Foundations

Foundations helps your team conquer obstacles that stand in the way of long-term success with AI.


Building the right infrastructure for AI is hard

Most enterprises don’t have the infrastructure that’s needed to implement cutting-edge AI solutions.


AI infrastructure that’s seamless and secure

Using Foundations, teams can implement AI infrastructure in a way that’s seamless, secure, and compatible with both public cloud providers and private on-premise systems.


Ad-hoc deployment processes

There’s a lack of standardized processes in place for producing real-world AI solutions. Without them, it’s extremely difficult to put AI into production at scale.


Automated management tools

Foundations features automated tools for managing critical moments in the AI workflow, making it easier for your team to unlock the technology’s full potential.


Time-consuming data pipelines

Vast amounts of data are required for successful AI solutions. This fact presents a huge challenge for today’s AI practitioners, slowing down experimentation and inhibiting transparency.


Streamlined data workflows

Foundations provides tools for your AI team that exponentially reduce the time spent on managing data workflows, resulting in more accuracy, efficiency and impact.

Why we’re building Foundations:

Foundations emerged from our team’s successes deploying real-world AI solutions for some of the world’s largest companies.

Based on our experiences, we’ve quickly learned that implementing AI at scale for enterprises requires a new set of purpose-built tools.

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