Dessa named AI Company of the Year for 2017

We’re thrilled to find out we’ve been selected this year as “AI Company of the Year” by The Digital Finance Institute’s Canadian FinTech & AI Awards! The results of the 2017 awards were announced at a gala hosted at Toronto’s historic Art Deco centre The Carlu.

“Just being nominated for this award at this moment in our company’s life cycle is an honour,” said Stephen Piron, our co-founder and co-CEO. “When you look at the caliber of the nominees this year it speaks volumes about the quality of the AI industry here in Toronto. Winning the award serves as a further testament to the incredibly passionate and talented team behind Dessa, who are continually coming together and surpassing all of our client’s expectations.”

Receiving the award has been a highlight as we reflect back on a thrilling year and our history so far as a company. Counting leaders in finance and insurance as our clients, we also recently announced $9 million in Series A funding earlier this fall. With a passion for solving the hardest problems and translating the latest research for industry applications, we can’t wait to see where next year takes us. Having been named “AI Company of the Year” (this year) certainly feels like a step in the right direction.

Our co-founder and Chief of Machine Learning Ragavan Thurairatnam also thinks the award is a great reflection of our company’s mission. “Until recently,” he notes, “there have only been a handful of industry applications that have shown what deep learning can really do for business. At Dessa, we’ve been on a mission to change that, and this award makes it clear our approach is already resonating strongly with enterprise leaders.”

As we march into the new year, we’ll continue our focus on collaborating with enterprises to build their capabilities with deep learning and other advanced AI techniques, translating them into real business impact. Our team has its eye on expanding its network globally, helping companies around the world figure out groundbreaking applications for the technology in a diverse range of industry sectors. Find more details about our selection as AI Company of the Year here.


November 28, 2017