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AI Products

Dessa’s AI Products empower enterprises to address longstanding business challenges with unprecedented efficiency and impact. Powered by advanced AI, our Products have already helped organizations in multiple industries enhance customer experience, operations, analytics, and more, leading to significant growth along the way.

The Benefits

Software tailored to your data, systems and processes: 

  • Production-grade applications built and deployed in weeks, not years
  • Comprehensive controls and dashboards to track business impact
  • Simple tools to retrain and maintain application models, without vendor lock-in


Customized AI infrastructure incorporates seamlessly with existing IT systems: 

  • Data and artifact management systems
  • Development, testing, and production environment configurations


Collaboration with stakeholders to ensure Product success:

  • Co-develop integration design that fits your business requirements
  • Full implementation strategy to guarantee real impact
  • Training for owners, end-users, and maintainers


Current AI Products


Retention Engine
Optimize customer loyalty by predicting which individual customers are most likely to churn using real-time data. Also recommends optimal treatment strategies for each individual customer.
Customer Service
Optimization Engine
Maximize your organization's ability to provide tailored customer experiences by predicting the needs and issues of individual customers before they happen. Uses real-time data and advanced deep learning models.
Quality Control
Optimization Engine
Enhance quality assurance and operations with AI. Reduces processing errors by identifying the error propensity for each work item and analyzing items in real time using a multi-dimensional range of data signals.
Insurance Claims
Processing Engine
Streamline claims management by predicting specific claim characteristics and settlement times. Also recommends next-best-actions using real-time data.
Distress Prediction
Empowers risk management teams working in today's financial institutions to predict which customers are most at-risk of unfavourable financial events, recommends individual treatment strategies.
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